The world’s first underwater hotel

“Underwater World Resort AG” plans to build a number of underwater hotels worldwide. This represents a new era in luxury hotels. The underwater hotel will facilitate an environment in which the guest is able to find physical, mental and spiritual peace of mind. Architecture in its most spectacular form coupled with exclusive design reflects the beauty and ingenuity of the human body. In a sub aqua world which is both fascinating and largely undiscovered, guests, surrounded by unparalleled luxury, will enjoy a veritable sensual feast.

Since time immemorial, water as the basic element of all forms of life and the world’s oceans have played a fundamental role in the development of mankind.

Thanks to the work of “Underwater World Resort AG” and Joachim Hauser, man’s longstanding dream to populate the oceans in a sensible, sustainable way is now coming to fruition.

After a decade of planning, the building of the world’s first underwater hotel in Sanya, Hainan in southern China, is the fulfilment of German project developer and designer Joachim Hauser’s vision.

WATER is life
WATER is our primary matter
WATER is part of the human body
WATER is the incarnation of life on earth
WATER covers the major part of the earth’s surface


WATER is being destroyed
WATER is being polluted


WATER is our future – our life!